masszázs és asztológiai


Hi! My name is Marci Madlena.

M2 Massage & Astrology is a place where you can relieve stress with either a relaxing after work or a stolen half hour during a lunch break. I will help you in your physical and mental rest.

I am waiting for you with my own mixed massage oils, which are made enriched with 100% pure essential oils.

During the ‘Astromassage’, I analyze your astrological formula based on the main positions of your horoscope, which is preceded by a relaxing massage. A mini astrological analysis combined with a pleasant massage to tune in to yourself more easily.

If you are more seriously interested in your own personality and why you came to Earth, a complete astrological analysis or numerological analysis can answer your questions.

The M2 is a tiny place where your comfort is your primary goal. A delicious welcome drink, fresh coffee, candied treat and wonderful aromas await you. Try a massage, analysis or workshop in this cool, fragrant little place! I’m waiting for you!



1123 Budapest
Nagyenyed utca 7.

Monday to Saturday:

1123 Budapest Nagyenyed utca 7.