Environmental awareness and sustainability should also play a prominent role in the life of a massage salon.

After all, the first and one of the most important is the continuous disinfection of surfaces and tools, as well as the thorough cleaning of textiles.

However, inappropriate cleaning agents damage the wildlife of our waters, and the waste of energy used is completely unacceptable these days.


I use a chlorine-free disinfectant

I clean the textiles using an environmentally friendly and phosphate-free detergent

instead of bottled water, I will prepare the refreshing lemonade for you with purified tap water

the water used for washing hands is reused, to fill the rinse tank of the sink

I only make the lights cozy with LED lighting

I use an energy-saving heating device to make the temperature in the room and on the massage bed the most comfortable

I collect the generated waste selectively

If you have any advice or ideas in the name of sustainability, I would be happy to receive them at the email address